How the Best Tennis Players Use Meditation to Create Abundance on the Court

Article by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Tennis is a fast-paced competitive sport that requires competitors to have excellent cardiovascular fitness and technique. It requires a lot of skill and mental toughness to play, especially for players who compete in singles. Individual sports such as tennis singles can be mentally taxing because all of the pressure to perform falls on one individual.

Because of this, having the right mental state is important if you want to compete and win at the highest level. Your mind must be free from negative thoughts and distractions and focused on the task at hand. This is why some of the best tennis players in the world cultivate a mindset of creating abundance by meditating.

Tennis champion Novak Djokovic is an avid practitioner of meditation. In an interview, he said, “It is clear that meditation is not the only factor, but I know that it can help tennis players a lot. You have to find your own formula, I have achieved it and everyone should probably look for theirs.”

Other tennis pros who have trained their mind to stay positive through mindfulness and meditation include Bianca Andreescu, Alize Cornet, and Roger Federer. By pairing meditation with positive visualization, you have a recipe for keeping your mind focused and calm during even the most intense moments of tennis matches.

As you train for your next match, don’t forget that physical fitness and sharp technique are only two parts of the winning formula. Mental strength and fortitude are just as crucial for becoming the best player in the world.

Zhang Xinyue is the founder of Create Abundance organization and author of the book with the same name. Create Abundance is a book full of advice on practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. IT aims to promote a meaningful and applicable approach to the philosophical issues in life.