Preparing for the change of pace in soccer

A high level of fitness is critical for long-term success in soccer. The fitter you are the longer you will play. The longer you play, the more likely you are to score or to assist in scoring. Also, fitter players tend to perform at a higher level for longer than others.

Soccer players have three levels of movement on the field: walking, jogging, sprinting. Often, players go from one to another several times in the space of a minute. Although walking forms the bulk of a game, you need to have the stamina and capacity to perform a large amount of jogging and sprinting and the sudden change of pace that brings.

This brings us to the number one form of training that prepares a player for match level fitness: Interval training. The most basic form of interval training is to go all out for a short period and then back-off for a bit before you repeat the process. Endurance athletes focus on 30-second sprints followed by 4 minutes of walking. You can adjust the protocol to match your level of fitness and build up to more intervals. Interval training in cleats is good. You can avoid using your match cleats by getting some clearance soccer cleats online.

How does this help in a game? First of all, you will build up a massive amount of endurance. Second, and most importantly, you train for the sudden changes of pace in a soccer game. Once you gain possession, you can immediately sprint with the ball and put some distance between you and the defender.

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